As the season slows down, I’m trying to catch up on a lot of my blogging for the year.

I wanted to share this awesome session we got to put together in our downtown studio!

Senior photographed at impulse studio, textured background

This session had a lot of firsts for us, as we were trying out both a new workflow on the post-production end, as well as a new sales system.

senior girl with bokeh and light effects

One of the struggles with photography is not the photography itself, but the pricing associated with it. There is a strong tradition of packages and bundles in photography. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work. Clients feel taken advantage of and consequently relationships fall apart.

We’ve thrown that all away. All our sales are completely A la Carte. We were nervous about this, but per the requests of this client, we rolled it out in good faith.

And you know what? It worked. It worked perfectly. It gives both sides the flexibility they want. We get to offer a lot more unique and interesting products and clients get exactly what they want. It’s win-win!

Oh, to top it off, did I mention Olivia had modeling experience?! She knocked this session out of the park! An absolute hit. Plus the whole family was great!

senior and sister against patterned wall

We can’t wait to see the younger sister in a couple of years for her session!

senior in field with blue skies behind her

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